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Working in Adversity...

Dear MYM Family,

The past few days I have been reflecting on why or why not I should continue to move forward with finishing out our season of dance… a friend of mine shared some thoughts from her son’s school headmaster, and they resonated with me so much, I wanted to pass them on to you in hopes of providing a little bit of light at the end of this tunnel.

*I’ve edited them a bit to fit the circumstances of a dance class. I hope it encourages you (as it did me) to continue moving forward when the days seem too difficult. Working in Adversity

Why do we continue to work hard, even harder, in a crisis?

We have asked your children (and their teachers) to work hard by transitioning to distance learning for dance. I have found that this is not an easy task. It is harder than normal. This different work is hard work. The students have more responsibility working from home.

Why don’t we just take a break or take it easy? Why can’t we just be done for the season?

1. Because we have work to do and time to do it in. We must be good stewards of both this work and this time, for time passes never to return. While Covid-19 makes things more difficult, it does not change our responsibilities. We all know that trials produce character. Distance learning is a trial, rather than running from it, we should lean into it to see what it can teach us.

2. We need people who can work in a crisis. Life is different. Things have changed; anxiety is surging, and everything is harder at home. While we have many excuses to take it easy, it is important that we model the behavior we would like to see. We work hard doing our job, as a way to be faithful to our communities and to honor those who are working hard on the front lines—our doctors and healthcare workers. There would be something wrong if we sat back and ceased work we were able to do—albeit with a little more difficulty—while others around us risked their health to fight our common enemy—Covid-19. We all must do our part for the good of humanity.

3. Lastly, we are teaching our children that when adversity comes along, they should keep working and keep fighting. This experience is an invaluable lesson for them! We are raising the next generation of front-line leaders and fighters. We need leaders in this generation who have the experience of working through adversity and pressing on without giving up. Years from now, we want them to be ready to serve when they are called to face whatever challenge comes their way.

From the bottom of my heart, I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your feedback and kindness. It has been so wonderful to hear your words of love, encouragement and support at this time.

I am amazed by how hard-working and committed your dancers are! 

Thank you for being leaders in our community by taking on a new challenge, seeing the silver lining, and for  supporting the continued dance education of your children in this crisis. 

Please know that we see you, we are here for you, we value you and we are so thankful for you. 

We are in this together.

With love and light,

Ms. Mandy

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