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MYM Covid-19 Update #3

Dear MYM Families, 3/22/20

What a whirlwind the last nine days has been for families, schools, community leaders, and local businesses. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve on a daily basis, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide clarity and share some exciting updates.

We want to thank everyone who has reached out by way of email, text, direct messages, and phone to offer support. Your partnership at this time, more than ever, is so appreciated. As you know, MYM has been closed for spring break this week which has given us time to work on how we can continue our classes through distance-learning.

We are all in uncharted water, which is requiring a level of flexibility and adaptation like never before. Many of you are now homeschooling your children and balancing working from home— we certainly have a new-found appreciation to those who have done it all along!

After time to process and pray, we are at peace (and even excited!) about the plan we are developing to continue our season STRONG!

MYM's "Stay Strong" Campaign

This week, our teachers have been working very hard on dance choreography and preparing resources for your time at home. We plan to jump right back into instruction with “MYM Tv” beginning Monday March 23rd!

  • You may notice that some classes are scheduled a bit shorter than usual to allow our teachers time to switch from one virtual classroom to the next with as much ease as possible.

  • A few of our technique classes will be combined at the moment as we figure out how to best serve each and every dancer at MYM.

  • Our Twinkle Tot/Star classes have a few options of choosing a morning class or an evening class (or both!)

  • Your dancer will also be invited to try any and all classes that we have available during the next two weeks to let them explore even more amazing dance opportunities!

I Want MY.Mtv!

Through the end of March our new virtual learning platform will offer a variety of recorded and live streamed classes PLUS a ton of amazing bonus material to keep kids happy, healthy, and safe while we wait for things to bounce back in our community.

Many studios in our dance community have already started virtual classes this week and the users are RAVING! Parents have been grateful for the break in the monotony of being isolated at home and dancers have been thrilled to see their teachers again.

Kids NEED normalcy and access to the things that bring them JOY and PASSION now more than ever. They need to be active, engage their minds, and connect with their classmates and teammates. We are committed to making that possible! Please see below for Instructions on how to access your Virtual Dance Classes.

MYM Tv --Instructions

  • Click into your parent portal

  • Click on ”Join your MY.Mtv Dance Class”

  • Click on your class day (you should be inside a Google Drive/Doc platform)

  • Click on your dance class plans , scroll down to your LIVE Zoom link- Join!

  • If you miss your live class, the recorded class will be available by a link that will be available shortly after the scheduled live class and you may access it on the class plans page.

26th Annual Concert

So, what about the Annual Concert?

Great question!

Given the conditions between the National State of Emergency and the CDC's current recommendations for social distancing and ban on assembling in groups more than ten, we have made a decision to re-evaluate our plan at the beginning of April.

NOW, while we don't know what it will look like yet, we WILL do some sort of celebration and the kids will wear their costumes to finish our 26th season strong. It goes without saying that we are a long way from knowing what that will look like right now. We are thankful for your patience and support while we re-imagine this experience.

We are so grateful for your support always and especially NOW. Your commitment to helping our dancers and the teachers finish strong (and safe!) is so appreciated! These next few weeks will truly be our chance to continue to be the light and to stay strong for each other.

With love and light,

Ms. Mandy and the staff of MYM

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