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MYM Covid-19 Update #2

Dear MYM Families and Students,

We hope you all have been able to make the best of your spring breaks during these uncertain times. We know things are changing rapidly and because of that we are doing what we can to ensure the continued safety of our students and families, as well as our surrounding community. We pride ourselves in offering the value of quality instruction and a safe space for dancers. Our goal is now to create solutions that will offer as much consistency, social interaction, and normalcy in the lives of our students, our families, and for our faculty as we can.

Like many of you, we are figuring out how to adjust to our new normal for the next few weeks, and we are so grateful to you for your willingness to adjust with us. So much of the arts and entertainment is about learning how to adapt in any situation, so at MYM we will accept this challenge and chalk it up to further training for our dance family!

The MYM staff is hard at work this week making virtual classrooms for your dancers. Starting Monday, MYM will transition to online classes for the time-being and continue our instruction from the safety of your home. As we continue to develop what this looks like for us, we invite you to go ahead and start thinking about where your dancer can set up their in-home “dance studio” and how they will best be able to access our learning materials and videos online. We are cultivating written instructions, videos of their teachers, planning LIVE classes online, providing dance music playlists, and curating activities to fill time throughout the day.

As we have new developments regarding COVID-19, we will continue to update you on the potential of an extended suspension from our space. Until then, please be sure to follow along in your respective Facebook groups, interact with us on Instagram, and stay tuned for updates from all of us at MYM. We’ll have all sorts of online challenges to keep your dancer engaged with their dance friends and all of us, too!

We miss you, but we are hopeful that with a collective effort of distancing ourselves, we will be back in the studio in no time. At MYM, we are committed to doing our part to cultivate a safe community for all of us to thrive. #bethelight

With love and light from our living rooms,

Mrs. Mandy and the MYM Staff

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