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From the Heart...

Dear MYM Families,

We hope that you are all staying positive, safe, and sane through these current temporary life changes.

As the news around COVID-19 continues to evolve, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide clarity on the future and how we are still committed to #finishstrong.

I am remaining positive that we WILL be back in the studio to finish this season, and like I said in our MYM family chat last Sunday, we will revisit what that looks like the first of May based on the findings of the CDC and our AL-HHS officials. 

With the above information and our students in mind, we were able to create our distance learning method through MYMtv Online classes. Through MYMtv Online, we have been able to provide our dancers with their regularly scheduled classes that they know and love, with their beloved instructors, in real time. 

We have enjoyed interacting with our students and being able to give them their usual instruction, corrections, and concert choreography. We have loved being able to be the one constant activity in their lives right now by allowing all classes to continue. I am so proud that our amazing instructors are doing such a wonderful job maintaining the standards that we expect from a dance class at MYM. 

We will move back to our full class schedule beginning Monday April 6th.  

My hope is to keep every child dancing during this time in their lives when everything is turned upside down. We want all of our MYM families to feel loved, supported, and continue to remain active and connected to our Make Your Move community!

I am putting so much positive thought into the universe that we will all make it through this together, safe, and healthy. The day will be so glorious when we are able to reunite!

It is my goal to continue to serve our community by helping to plant the seeds of kindness, love, and leadership by helping grow our next generation of leaders who face challenges with a servant's heart.  

With love and light, 

Ms. Mandy

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