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Open Class Program

Open Classes are offered  to ages 9 and up in many genres. Classes are available in either 45 minute, 1 hour , or 1 1/2 hour increments. These classes are for the dancer who wishes to focus more intensely on a particular subject of dance. As dancers gain more experience and advancement, it's to their advantage to take more open classes. Students may wish to take from one class per week to unlimited classes per week. *Please inquire about our discounts for those wishing to take unlimited courses!
 *Many of the classes listed below are also offered during the season in our Open Classes program.
 (Open classes are available on a drop-in basis, or can be taken throughout the year without the commitment of performing in the year-end concert or the financial obligation of costumes. 




Open Classes

 Open Class Program by Genre: 

The art form of using slow, controlled movements to achieve flexibility, balance and agility.  Students learn the proper technique necessary to achieve and further develop their acrobatic skills. Skills include but not limited to: splits, hand stands, head stands, forward/backward rolls, back bends, walk overs, arabians, aerials, front/back handsprings, kip-ups, introductory contortion movements,etc. We offer 3 levels of Acro classes. Please see requirements listed below.

*Acro 1: basics are learned *Acro 2: must have standing backbend, right and left cartwheels, and one-handed cartwheel*Acro 3: must have continuous front and back walkovers.  This class is offered during the fall as part of our "open/intensive" course and is a staple in our Summer Sessions.

Ballet combines grace, line and beauty to provide the technical foundation for all dance forms.The classes offered begin with Petite Ballet for children ages 5 and older, Junior/Teen Ballet for children aged 10 and older, andTeen/Senior Ballet for ages 11 and up. The grades of ballet do not follow the same ages as public school grades. Our office staff can assist in selecting the proper class for a beginning or intermediate ballet student. **Advanced students are encouraged to train with the Competitive Team classes listed under Competition Team Information.*All Ballet classes incorporate choreographical elements of Lyrical styles of dance.

Contemporary dance incorporates many styles including but not limited to jazz, modern and classical ballet. Contemporary tends to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance's stress on the torso, and also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well. In all classes students will be incorporating a rigorous warm up with an emphasis on flexibility, and the proper technical skills to master intricate combinations.  This  class is geared towards helping dancers to gain confidence, performance ability and style. This class is offered to Petite/Junior and Teen/Senior. This class is offered during the fall in our "open/intensive" course and is a staple in our Summer Sessions. 


A Street dance class mixing funk and hip hop with video dance styles. Petite and Junior hip-hop classes introduce the acrobatics of "breakdancing".  Students can expect to learn holla backs, stalls (freezes), turtles, k-kicks and much more! Teen and Senior hip hop concentrates on the fluidity, emotion, and varying styles of hip hop associated with much of the edgier music videos you see produced in today's market.  This class has an intense warm up then focuses on choreography, combinations and connecting with the "performer" inside of you!


 Students will learn a Jazz warm up designed to stretch and strengthen, followed by across the floor progressions. A choreography combination consisting of 6-12 (8) counts will finish out the end of each class. Students will learn to develop their technique as well as hone their ability to learn and perfect choreography quickly.They will develop a sense of musicality and technique in an upbeat and fun environment. 

*Jazz classes are also available in our combination class format through the "Starlet Academy"


Pre-Pointe-Using thera-bands, marbles and other teaching tools, students will work on strengthening their feet and ankles. Dancers will be building the muscles and knowledge needed to prepare for Pointe safely. They will also learn about Pointe shoes, the proper fit and how to sew and tie them correctlyAll dancers in the Pointe level must have completed Pre Pointe or have extensive previous Pointe experience. This class will continue to strengthen ankles and feet. Classes will start to include longer combinations and advanced techniqueWe offer pre-pointe for beginners and intermediate/advanced Pointe placement is by teacher appointment only. 


An intensive class that focuses on flexibility, strengthening the dancer's center and learning the physics of leaps and jumps.  This is an ideal class for those wishing to take their jazz/ballet technique to the next level, getting prepped for dance team or kickline tryouts, etc. This class is  offered beginning in the fall as part of our "open" course format and is a staple in our Summer Sessions.


Tap requires a great deal of rhythm and coordination and can be a challenging style of dance. We believe that any student can be taught to Tap dance here at MYM! Between the ages of 3-up our tap classes are traditional tap, offered in our combination classes (Starlet Academy). Ages 5 and older can participate (by audition) in our team classes, which offer traditional tap as well as Hoofing (a funky, street-style of tap).Our Tap syllabus varies from traditional to free style, incorporating a rigorous warm up, across the floor technique and "quick-fire" combinations to prepare the student's memorization skills for more difficult choreography.

*Tap classes are available in our combination class format through the "Starlet Academy"

We offer many different types of private and semi-private lessons for many different needs. ie; Weddings, Pageants, Auditions, Talent shows, etc.  Please inquire to see if we can assist you in your choreography or training needs!

COLLEGE/ ADULT CLASSES:  Most of our adult classes are geared for beginning/intermediate students. Classes for more advanced college and adult students are on our schedules as intermediate/advanced. Adult classes are offered in tap and jazz/hip-hop.

*Adult classes are offered Starting in October in a 6 week course format. **Please inquire about our Special Discounts for Parents of MYM dancers and College Students!


PRIVATE LESSONS:   Private classes are for dancers hoping to focus more on dance in a personalized setting or who wish to reinforce what they have learned without interrupting a class setting. We also offer private lessons to those who wish to compete a "solo" in a pageant, cheer, dance team, kickline try-outs, auditions or competitive dance setting. *Rates begin at $40 per hour. 


WEDDINGS:   We offer unique choreography for the bride, groom and attendants. You pick the song/songs and we'll create something fun, upbeat, sassy or sweet for your special day! *Rates begin at $250 for four 1-hour sessions- (rate may vary depending on performance length, number in party, etc.) 


TEAM CHOREOGRAPHY:    MYM is home to the Award winning "Showstoppers" Kickline of the "OHS Spirit of the South" Marching Band from 2007-2014, and the Award Winning Wacoochee Jr High and Smith Station Pantherettes from 2003-2009, and 2013.

We are available for high kick, hip hop, prop, jazz, contemporary, cheer and pom choreography, as well as offering special technique/training camps for your school team during the spring and summer months. *Please inquire about our private rates and dates of availability.



Private Lessons
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