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Dance Fitness


A 30-minute, intense strength building session, based around dance movements that includes moderate stretching! Movements are done on plush mat, no shoes or yoga mat needed.

$6/per class


A 60-minute, intense cardio session, based around dance movements that includes light body-weight strength building and stretching! Movements are done on dance floor, light-weight tennis shoes required.

$12/per class

  • pay per class/no contract

  • reservation required for each class

  • debit/credit card required to reserve spot

  • to reserve, click on desired date(s) from calendar below

*No Show? No problem! Your debit/credit card WILL NOT be charged*

About the Instructor: After a rather typical childhood of dance, cheerleading, and waterskiing, Jen Ambrose graduated from Lee-Scott Academy in 1999 and began the normal course of college and career. Shortly after Jen rediscovered herself while deafeating Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2004.  After much soul searching, Jen returned to dance, adding kickboxing, jui-jitsu, power lifting, Zumba, Crossfit, and plyometrics to her training.  In an effort to keep her cancer in remission, Jen dedicated herself to a parrellel study of diet, nutrition, wellness, and stress reduction.  This unique drive for overall wellness and success has led to the personal trainer and wellness coach we have today: "G.I." Jen Ambrose. 

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